Shobido Kisen Kiln Old Sometsuke Flower and Bird Husband and Wife Bowls 古染 花鳥文飯碗

$48.00 USD

Old sometsuke tableware made by the end of the Meiji era in Jingdezhen kilns in China are called "old sometsuke." The bird pattern drawn with dynamic brush strokes is somewhat charming, and it is as fun as looking at a picture book. Its expression, which is overflowing with the joy of creation, is a presence that makes you want to take care of it in your life.


  • Size: big:11.5cm×h6cm / small :11cm×h5.5cm
  • Material: White Porcelain
  • Hand-painted
  • Made in Japan

Care instruction

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe

About the brand

Shobido Honten was found in 1959 by Ritsushi Kamachi. Shozo Kamachi, the eldest son of Ritsushi Kamachi, worked hard with his father to develop the business and traveled all over the country to expand the market for Arita porcelain. On the other hand, he worked on the return of Ko-Imari, which was exported as far as Europe in the 17th century. Many masterpieces such as Uemon and Meiji Imari were brought back to Arita. He later held exhibitions of Ko-Imari that he had brought back to his hometown all over the country, creating the opportunity for the Ko-Imari boom.

In the long history of Arita, they aim to revive the world of tradition and innovation of Arita porcelain that has been handed down and preserved by our predecessors in modern pottery. The brand "Kisen" is born.

In February 2010, the "Koimari Wine Cup" won both the Grand Prix and the Gold Prize at the "Attractive Japanese Souvenir Contest 2010" sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Japan Tourism Agency. In March of the same year, the pot dish "Cacomi" was certified as a universal design recommended product by Saga Prefecture.

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