Kutani Ware Seikou Kiln Spoon 九谷焼 青郊窯 色絵れんげ 猪鹿蝶

$12.00 USD

Kutani Ware Seikou Kiln Spoons are porcelain spoons with beautiful Kutani painting. They are loved by our buyers.

The paintings on the spoon features the painting skill "Ko-Kutani". Ko-Kutani is the first and also the oldest painting style of Kutani Ware. It features with five distinctive colors: blue(green), yellow, red, purple and dark blue. The style attracts by its dynamic subtle charm. 


  • Size: 42 x 138mm
  • Porcelain
  • Made in Japan

Care instruction

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe

About the brand

The history of Seiko kiln started as a painter of Kutani ware in the early Taisho era. Eventually, in the Showa era, Seiko Kiln introduced screen printing technology for the first time in the Kutani ware industry, and by making it in a certain industrial way using transfer paper. The mission is to deliver Kutani ware to everyday life at an affordable price. 

By advancing the development of lead-free Japanese paints that quickly cleared the standards of the Food Sanitation Law, Seikou kiln changed the map of Kutani ware, which used to focus on products with paintings on the outside. By accomplishing that, the history of "Kutani ware" as so-called today's "tableware" began. 

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