studio m'

studio m' Pomponner 200 plate (white)

$31.00 USD
[Elegant Color Hues and Gorgeous Decoration] "Pomponner" in French refers to doll up or titivate oneself.

As the name indicates, tableware in this series features the decorative and gorgeous design which will enhance your food presentations.

Three color options: White/Light blue/Gray. White is a versatile color: it matches any styles of meals. Light blue looks a bit lovely or cute. Gray has several shades of color gray, which highlights the uneven decoration, as a result, it comes across as clear.

Stack these plates in different sizes on the table, the total form will look even prettier!

Also recommendable for party table setting or gift-giving because of its gorgeous decoration and elegant color hues.

It is great for serving toast, cake, salad and appetizers.

Check out two other different sizes -


  • Size: φ199mm/ W199mm/ D199mm/ H22mm
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Made in Japan

Care instruction

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven Not safe

About the brand

STUDIO M' is a tableware brand of Marumitsu Poteri Japan, which was founded in 1950. Designed to be used at home, studio m' wants to convey the message that "meals are fun" and wants people to feel more enjoyable when they use the tableware. 

The design is a mix of French and Japanese styles. They are so elegant, fun and lovely, but they are also very easy to be taken care of and close to your daily life.

"Early bird" collection is the most well-known product line from studio m', but many other product lines are also very popular, such as the "pave" series, "lien" series, "framboise" series etc. With so many different product lines and choices, you will find that you always lack a piece of these beautiful creations.

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