sobokai pro 8"/9.7" inch round large plate, ice blue

$30.00 USD

Its flat surface and texture enable cooks to present their cuisine in free style and also to stimulate their great sensitivity. Wonderful traditional modern color scheme. 


  • Size: 9.7" -φ242mm/ W242mm/ D242mm/ H19mm
  •          8"- 203mm/W203mm/D203mm/ H19mm
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Made in Japan

Care instruction

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe


Color shade variations/irregularities: Affected by glazes and natural firing conditions such as changes in temperature, humidity and other climate elements and also how to receive the fire in the kiln chamber, each piece has own expression.

Color Irregularities: There are color irregularities of applying a glaze or slip, which are different from part to part in a piece of ware. For example, some parts are glazed thinly or thickly depending on the shape of the ware. That leads to part-to-part subtle differences in appearance of the clay in a piece of ware.

Glaze or slip drips: There is unevenness of a glaze or slip when they are applied to ware by hand. There are glaze drips or slip drips, which are caused by the glaze or slip flows during firing.

Iron in powder: Iron in powder may be seen clearly on the surface. Pottery (earthenware) is made from earth, which contains iron. After firing green ware, iron appears on the surface in the form of black dots. Red or black earthen clay contains much more iron , and as a result, not a little iron in powder may appear on the surface of tableware items made from this type of clay.

About the brand

Sobokai is a tableware brand of Marumitsu Poteri Japan, which was founded in 1950. Designed to be used at restaurants and hotels, Sobokai is a professional tableware brand.

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