益子焼 Yoshizawa kiln frost gray elliptical ryouka flower plate

$26.00 USD

A long and narrow oval plate with regular ryouka cuts is a plate with an elegant atmosphere. The color is "frost gray". The nuanced gray with a matte texture makes it look like frost. 

Since this vessel uses "namido"m it has a slightly yellowish color compared to other "frost gray" vessels.

For snacks such as cheese ad uncured ham, or for side dishes. 

It's easy to see the flow and accumulation of the glaze, and you can see the traces of the glaze scissors. There are quite a wide range of colors, such as those with a strong yellow tint and those with a whitish gray. Some have a brown burnt color on the edges.


  • Size: 
    • outside 25 x 13.5 x3cm
    • inside 20 x 8 x 3cm
  • Made in Japan
  • Hand made

Care instruction

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe


The pottery of Yoshizawa Kiln is all handmade, it it not recommended for those who prefer neatly arranged pottery. Even if they are made as the same thing, they are all different i size, shape and color.

You can see fine iron dots, blue dots, unevenness, and small holes in the handmade vessels. There are individual differences on the pattern of the edges. You can feel the unevenness, pooling, and flow of the glaze on some pieces. Some of the bottoms have swirly wavy lines.

The appearance of the baked color and pattern is different for each customer. There are many fine iron, spots, glaze deposits all over, and crystallized white spots of glaze. In addition, the crack pattern "crashing" between the glaze and the substrate can be seen throughout.

<about clay making>

This pottery, which is made using a technique called tatara-zukuri.

"Tatara making is simple. 1. Slice well-kneaded clay. 2. Put the clay on a plaster mold and mold it. So, unlike potter's wheel making, you can make various shaped such as oval, square, and flower shape.

In addition, when glaze is applied, scissors for glaze are used. The photo shows the "scissor marks" on the "blue-gray" and "white vessels.(bottom photo).

About the brand

One of the most hot and famous kilns in Japan nowadays. All products are hand made so the wait time is always long. The kiln has many hundreds of products. Welcomed by female buyers, the store of the kiln always has a long line whenever new products are released. 

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