益子焼 Yoshizawa kiln elephant bowl(small version)

$24.00 USD

Big ears, long nose, small fangs, thin tail, and round eyes. This elephant bowl expresses all the cute elements of elephants. 

The tail is like a cute child elephant who has not yet grown fangs. We tied a ribbon :). (The bigger version does not have a ribbon).

The color is finished with a muted "greige" that looks like a combination of dark beige and gray, giving it a perfect elephant-like look. 

It's an oval shape that is a bit unusual, but it's surprisingly easy to use. It is just the right size for a dessert cup or a small side dish bowl. Of course, Its also cute as a children's dish.

There is also a slightly larger "elephant bowl". It's a perfect size for a baby elephant to fit in, so it's perfect for stacking. It seems like it would be fun to actually use it with parents and children.

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  • Size: 12x8.5, H: 6~6.5cm( There may be 5mm~1cm difference in measurement due to handmade)
  • Made in Japan
  • Hand made

Care instruction

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe

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The pottery of Yoshizawa Kiln is all handmade, it it not recommended for those who prefer neatly arranged pottery. Even if they are made as the same thing, they are all different i size, shape and color.

You can see fine iron dots, blue dots, unevenness, and small holes in the handmade vessels. There are individual differences on the pattern of the edges. You can feel the unevenness, pooling, and flow of the glaze on some pieces. Some of the bottoms have swirly wavy lines.

Vessel Usage and Maintenance

About the brand

One of the most hot and famous kilns in Japan nowadays. All products are hand made so the wait time is always long. The kiln has many hundreds of products. Welcomed by female buyers, the store of the kiln always has a long line whenever new products are released. 

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